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Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Dear family, friends, and supporters,

I can't believe it's already been just over 1 year of Zenn with Jenn!

It's been a journey and I wouldn’t be here without you.

What started as a way to fix my poor posture and heal chronic pain back in 2013, evolved into a lifestyle and career.

My love for yoga has grown into more than a passion…

It’s become my mission to help all heal our minds and bodies, eliminate aches and pains, regain youthful energy, and live longer, healthier and happier lives through yoga and mindfulness.

It took some turbulence, a pandemic, and a divorce to shake things up and bring me to where I am now.

“Everyone falls out of a pose, a yogi gets back into one” is a quote I often share in class.

I would get knocked down, stay grounded, and keep going. I’m not afraid to fall since I have confidence I’ll get right back up, learning from my experience. That’s yoga mindset ;)

Yoga became my constant. It was my solace during a time of upheaval.

When we think that “things are too crazy/busy/chaotic” to take time for oneself and do yoga, we haven't yet discovered that YOGA is EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED in these moments.

During what felt like the worst time in my life, I committed to my well-being and found support, love, and grounding in my own SELF.

Through yoga, I began to heal from the inside out, from mind to muscles.

Teaching the lessons I learned was the missing piece which would help me come back to life and thrive.

Diving into my wants, needs, and fears

Shedding any apprehensions and self doubt

Revealing my talents

Sharing my dharma with the world

It is scary to feel vulnerable and exposed, or judged.

And I found strength by stepping into my power.

I take pride as a mother and role model, in unveiling my knowledge, being of service to the community, driven to survive and support myself and my daughters.

A vision emerged in my third eye...

I have an opportunity to share with you how to:

🧘‍♀️Fall in Love with YourSELF

🤸‍♀️Live Longer, Healthier and Happier with Yoga and

💪 Experience a “30 Day Yoga Transformation”.

I began building a community of like minds, gathering for livestream yoga classes with personalized attention.

My private coaching sessions, both in person and on zoom, are helping people transform their minds and bodies with yoga, not only here in New Jersey, but all over the world! From New Jersey, Mississippi, Alabama, San Fransisco, to Germany, India, and London!! Wow!

I designed a home studio to work with students privately 1:1 in person towards their specific mind + body goals. These sessions include crystal bowl sound baths, hands on adjustments, essential oils, aerial silks, and other yoga props and modalities. This intuitive, energetic healing allows students to have their own transformations and develop a yoga lifestyle.

My vision has come to fruition. Manifestations into realizations.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and supporting me as I build my in business supporting you.

This is just the beginning, I’m overjoyed to be here together as we all continue to blossom. We are limitless, with massive potential.

When you’re ready to commit to yourself, ANYTHING is possible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your goals and journey with me.

I care deeply about each of my students and feel such joy in working closely with you to reach your goals.

Current members, you know what I mean.

You’re feeling it as you surprise and impress yourself daily in our classes.

Since it’s usually at home that we spend a great deal of our time, I encourage my students to develop our yoga practice at home. Yoga is so much more than poses on the mat, and I teach you ways to bring yoga into daily living.

It’s thrilling to hear students tell me they feel stronger, more energized, flexible, calm, and balanced, handling life’s stress with more ease.

What some of the beautiful, amazing, and inspiring students of Zenn with Jenn had to say:

If you would like to leave your reviews, I would be so grateful to read them.

Please click HERE to review

If you’re not a member yet, or know someone who would like to join us in Zenn, here’s your chance to hop on board and get Zenn with Jenn at this early pricing before rates go up. Those of you who have been supporting me from this first year will be grandfathered into your existing low rate 😀

Sure, you can find yoga in many places, like your local studio and videos on YouTube.

What sets Zenn with Jenn apart, aside from me, is that you get community, accountability, and personalized attention.

And when you support locally owed businesses, such as Zenn with Jenn, you are not only investing in your own wellness and longevity, but you are helping supporting a family.

Each member is someone who I care about and who even my daughters know by name, as you all play such a special and integral part in our lives.

For that, we are eternally grateful.

Thank you! Namaste!

Jenn xx

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