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Build Your Online Yoga Business

1-on-1 Intuitive Yoga Business Coaching

to help you every step of the way to

🧘‍♀️Grow + scale your yoga business
📲Reach + impact more students
🧠Tech, strategy + mindset coaching

Say "Goodbye" to imposter syndrome, feeling not good enough, to overwhelm & frustration.

Start earning NOW while teaching yoga from anywhere

- choose your niche+ brand voice

- create videos & finding your style

- hands on tech support

- software & platforms

- create your offer + pricing

- set yourself up for success

Working from Home

Problems Faced by Yoga Teachers in Studio Jobs:

Limited Earning Potential

struggling with inconsistent income due to hourly wages or class-based payments at studios.
Helping somone else grow their business instead of your own.

Time Constraints

Fixed schedules and commute times can make it difficult for yoga teachers to balance work, teaching, and personal life.

Location Constraints

You are stuck in that particular location or commuting to various locations, increasing expenses in travel and time.

Limited Reach + Impact

Teaching in person means helping and impacting only those who live within your area. 

Envision being personally guided to confidently:
break free from imposter syndrome and gain confidence in your craft.
- nail down your niche + brand voice
- attract your ideal client
- design your own website
- create your online presence
- send email campaigns
- develop new student intake
- create marketing and advertising campaigns
- navigate online class design and production
- work with technology - hardware + software
- master lead generation + sales calls

Build + grow a thriving and sustainable online yoga business to provide massive impact while gaining
time and financial freedom to spend time with who you want, where you want, when you want!

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Hi! I'm Jennifer Karma

I launched Zenn with Jenn in 2022 and built my online yoga business from scratch.

Tap the link to read my story!

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Learn more and book your FREE STRATEGY Call

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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