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Welcome to my page and biography.

I'm happy you found me, after all, that's why I choose to be visible here.

Perhaps you stumbled upon my page accidentally

I mean, are there really any accidents?

Maybe we met in person, perhaps in a yoga class or at a concert

 Or we are insta-friends!

Whether it's through yoga, or music, or just randomly,

I warmly welcome you and here is a little bit about me:

Rehearsal Room


Jennifer has been a performer and storyteller since childhood, raised by musical, free spirited parents who instilled in her, a love for rock music of the 70's & 80's. As a teen in the 90's, she fell in love with grunge and learned to sing while listening to Pearl Jam, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, The Cranberries, Jewel, Mazzy Star and Alanis Morissette and taught herself guitar to play their songs and write her own. Bringing her poetry and performance to life on stage and in the studio, she blends her musical influences into a unique indie pop sound. 

Combining passions IS a passion for Jennifer. As a mother, musician, artist, nature lover and life-long teacher, Jennifer incorporates her experiences with fitness and nutrition into everyday, functional, accessible activities. She encourages clients to bring yoga into the home, throughout the day. Yoga is happy, healthy playtime!!!  


Jennifer completed her indoor cycle teaching certification in 2009 and began teaching in various facilities and class settings. In 2015, she finished her yoga teacher training. She has been blessed to teach yoga and cycle to children, seniors, and everyone in between. 


Each session is unique, guided by energy and abilities in her ALL LEVELS practice. Yoga is for EVERY BODY.

Begin with a few moments of grounding and pranayama accompanied by either live guitar and mantras or crystal singing bowls. End your practice grounding in savasana, finding a deep meditation while receiving crystal healing, guided meditation, or sound baths.


Every client is encouraged to follow his or her own rhythm and find their own practice, both on and off the mat. While Jennifer feels it's important to reinforce alignment, she takes a playful approach to yoga, after all, why stress? Let's have fun together! Everyone falls down, but a yogi gets back up! 

Jennifer puts her heart and soul into her expression, in hopes of inspiring others to work towards healthy and creative goals. Be sure to visit the "Live Vibrantly" tab to sign up for my Beauty & Wellness Newsletter for tips & secrets!


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