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The 30 Day Yoga Transformation

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Age Hacking

  • Balance + Stability

  • Mobility + Flexibility

  • Alignment + Agility

Injury Prevention

New Skills Development

  • Splits

  • Arm Balances

  • Inversions

  • Backbends

Group Yoga Classes
Live on Zoom

Private Coaching via Zoom or In Person

private yoga session, yoga teacher helps yoga student, yoga wheel, backbending, calming and peaceful



Alleviate STRESS

Decrease ANXIETY


Boost Concentration + Focus


Improve Mood + Overall Wellbeing


Elevate Your Vibration to feel enhanced LOVE, JOY + GRATITUDE


Increase Flexibility, Muscle Tone, & Strength

Increase Energy

Boost Metabolism

Weight Reduction

Increase Blood Flow

Improve Athletic Performance

Improve Posture

Decrease Inflammation

Develop Balance & Functional Fitness

Alleviate Chronic Pain

Nutrition + Beauty


Extreme diets or Intense cardio

ENHANCE IMMUNITY with supplements + nutritious meals based on the principals of Ayurveda and holistic living.

Yoga increases your circulation which causes yogis to Glow from Within.


Lower Blood Sugar

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Improve Sleep

Feel Better Everyday







zenn with jenn. peaceful and happy yoga teacher serving you to heal and bring wellness

About Jenn

Hey there! I'm Jenn, and yoga became my saving grace.


As a former educator with a passion for nurturing minds, I found myself sidelined by chronic pain. Doctors offered no solutions, but a 30-day yoga journey unlocked a life-changing transformation.


It wasn't just physical healing; it was a profound connection to myself that motherhood often leaves yearning.

That's why I became a certified yoga teacher and intuitive life + business coach. Weaving the magic of yoga with the artsy, singer-songwriter, poetic vibes that have always been my voice.


Imagine finding your rhythm on and off the mat, even amidst the chaos of motherhood!

In 2022, I launched Zenn with Jenn, an online yoga studio with a special mission: empowering mothers.


It's more than just poses; it's a warm space to find peace, connect with yourself, and unleash your inner rockstar (figuratively, of course!).

Here's the beauty:

Zenn with Jenn comes to you.

Forget the struggle of finding childcare or fitting into a rigid class schedule.


With personalized yoga teachings and coaching, I'm invested in helping you reach your unique goals, whether it's regaining lost strength, managing stress, or simply finding a moment of peace in your busy day.

So, if motherhood has left you feeling stretched thin, or you simply resonate with my story, let's chat! I'd love to hear about your journey and see if Zenn with Jenn can be your sanctuary.

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