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Become an Online Yoga Teacher

Problems Faced by Yoga Teachers in Studio Jobs:

Limited Earning Potential

struggling with inconsistent income due to hourly wages or class-based payments at studios?

Time Constraints

Fixed schedules and commute times can make it difficult for yoga teachers to balance work, teaching, and personal life.

Build your online yoga business with the personal guidance of Jenn with you by your side. Learn every step of creating your website and online presence, email campaigns, new student intake, marketing and advertising, class design and production, tech advise and support, master lead generation and sales calls, and begin earning income while working from anywhere!

I help you take the guesswork out of:

 - choosing your niche

- creating videos & finding your style

- selecting which software & platform is right for you

- developing your pricing model

- setting yourself up for success

Learn more and book your free consult:

Complete the form if you would like to book a free zoom consultation to review the program, go over your questions, and get started right away. Once you submit you will be redirected to my booking page. I look forward to speaking wtih you. 

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