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The Yoga Mindset Toolbox

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Create + Fill your YOGA MINDSET TOOLBOX TOP 3 tools everyone should have in their YOGA MINDSET TOOLBOX. What’s a YOGA MINDSET TOOLBOX? It’s the idea of a toolbox in your mind, full of strategies and methods to help you handle situations. Different situations need different tools, so it’s important to fill your toolbox with many useful and proven strategies. In this class, you will learn about my favorite strategies to cope with feelings of doubt + insecurity, stress, overwhelm and anxiety. We’ll practice each one so that you can test them out and see which resonate with you the most. Perhaps they all will! Your toolbox is already beginning to get filled. The information presented is gold and can have lasting impacts on your perspective and how you approach life. Be ready to feel! Be ready to heal! Got goals + resolutions? Want to actually achieve them? Have your YOGA MINDSET TOOLBOX completely filled to the brim with ways to cope, heal, balance, thrive, and dominate. Love this Free Program? Sign up for the 30 Day Yoga Makeover!

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